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The Blacklist

May 8th, 2012 No comments

After years of sourcing, recording, researching and reporting, ETP has an extensive list of companies that we have identified to have been involved in and partaken in scamming their customers or mishandling their orders.

We have a database of over 3500 companies worldwide reported for fraudulent, scamming behaviour and mishandling of orders. To ensure that they are not trying to contact you or are already doing business with you, simply contact us here and we can check it off this database and let you know. This is absolutely FREE, no strings.

We believe as clients and customers your faith in your supplier should be solid and all doubts cast aside. So over the last few years, we have been constantly building and updating this database, aiming to bring you the most complete blacklist available for free on the web.

Every time we have researched, performed due diligence and audited suppliers and manufacturers, they have been added to our database.

It’s not all bad! We also have an ever increasing database of factories that we have personally vetted and done business with ourselves that we know you can safely do business with. We only work with factories that adhere to international safety and quality standards, and meet our requirements for the Panda Whitelist.

At Enter the Panda, we make it our top priority that you are doing business in the safest and most reliable business environment.

Sourcing from China isn’t always black and white, but Enter the Panda is working hard to make it that way.


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