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Fake Toni & Guy Studio in downtown Beijing, China

September 8th, 2011 No comments

We were walking back from a Summer trade show at the Exhibition Center in downtown Beijing, minutes away from any number of embassies.

Dave, who used to live on this street 9 years previous, was harping on about “the good old days”. This would have been endearing if he hadn’t spent the entire walk on the way to the trade show talking in the exact same manner.

Needless to say, I was no longer listening, and instead glancing the surrounding area for anything more interesting than a description of a jiaozi restaurant that sold Dave dumplings in 2002. Up ahead, a sign leaped out at me… “England Hair Design Salon”

On closer inspection, the interior and uniforms were not dissimilar to the few genuine Toni and Guy Studios that are in high-end venues within the city. On the glass window ran a ticker “”. A little bit of 3G later revealed it was a non-existent website.

It’s probably just as well this was a fake Toni & Guy, because I don’t think the franchise would appreciate their staff all sitting outside the salon, gambling and smoking.