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Trade Fair Assistance Services

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Lost at the Canton FairWhat is Trade fair assistance?

Deciding to get on a plane and fly to China to a trade show can be a daunting concept. Taking on the cultural barriers of some of the world’s largest annual fairs can seem impossible. This leads many to reach out to one of many companies claiming to offer Trade Fair Assistance, companies that claim to offer on the ground support for your visit.

Be warned! Many of these companies do not offer any real value or benefit to you. Remember these are international annual events catered for you, the customer.

Before handing over your money and trade secrets to any company, be sure of two things:

  1. Do you need Trade Fair Assistance?
  2. Are you being offered a service that matches your needs?

Who needs Trade fair assistance?

You attend trade fairs either as an exhibitor or as a visitor. You are either a supplier or a potential customer.

A Trade fair assistance service shouldn’t really apply to exhibitors as they have probably done these many times before or have an event/exhibition company to help set up a booth/stand and manage basic operations. So for this purpose let’s eliminate this group from needing ‘trade fair assistance services’

As a potential customer looking for new suppliers, new products, new technologies, etc, you know your field of expertise. If you are looking for new products and technologies outside your business scope, the chances are that you have done your research and have a basic knowledge of what you are looking for.

If you are visiting the Guangzhou Canton fair, Hong Kong Mega Show or trade fairs that cover a large scope of products and industries, you may be visiting to browse and develop new ideas. You could also be visiting for the first time and not know what to expect.

These situations are where I would expect potential buyers not to know so much about the area the trade show is held in, particular items, specific industries and cultural issues. This is where a good trade fair assistance service comes in.

What should Trade Fair Assistance offer?

Trade fair assistance services should be there to offer you in-depth expertise about suppliers, local knowledge and key areas. More specifically they can approach a solution to an existing issue you might have and through their experience and knowledge find several ways to resolve it quickly and effectively. You should also expect a service that can help beyond the trade fair visit:

  1. Vet potential suppliers
  2. Negotiate price
  3. Manage quality
  4. Protect your brand

This leaves you to concentrate on the core business activities of sales and operation in your market area.

This range of services can be best supplied by a locally based international trading company or trading consultancy. It’s in the interest of these companies to support and help you find what you need and find the suppliers that most meet your requirements, be it price, quality or a specific technical issue.

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