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How to control your China production more: Part 1

As we have all experienced, once it is in the hands of the production facility more often than not there is a lot of confusion over what the production schedule actually is. This is usually due to a breakdown in communication between departments.

The production schedule the sales department agree with you will often be a different date to the actual production department’s. If you’d planned to visit you might find out that your order is not scheduled when you were told it was. The disconnect in many factories is between the production department and whomever your contact is there. If you want a realistic picture of your production and a 3rd party to identify possible issues during the production process, a quality control service is very useful.

Factories can promise quality control and introduce you to their QC department but these departments are not incentivised to protect and look after your product during production. Most workers in factories are paid per item; this means that the more they produce, the more they will be paid. They are not incentivised to find any differences between your guidelines and the product being produced. Of course they are manufacturing the item ordered but there are those fine details that make a quality product. This is where a 3rd party can be brought in to look after your product at a fraction of the cost it would be for your company to visit.

It’s useful to get to know the production department heads for a little extra information. This allows you to know how closely the sales/logistics and production departments work together.

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