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Sourcing and Manufacturing Agents in China

If your company is understaffed or on a tight budget it’s a useful consideration to use a sourcing, QC and manufacturing agent when manufacturing in China. These are 3rd party entities that act on your behalf in China and in the factories.

It is sometimes an expensive affair flying out to a supplier in China to watch over a production or to solve a quality issue. A sourcing agent is a viable solution. Many SME’s use these services in order to guarantee quality and delivery time in a cost effective way.

A typical sourcing and manufacturing agent can provide:

  • Factory Audits and supplier checks
  • Quality Control on your order
  • Sourcing new products
  • Managing and coordinating multiple orders in different locations

There are a lot of sourcing and manufacturing agents in China. While on the surface they all appear to provide the same service, it is important to select a company to represent you that:

  • Insists on signing an NDA that protects your interests
  • Requests all relevant drawings and a control sample
  • Cares about what you are producing and takes pride in their work
  • Can solve your production problems and issues
  • Represents your company properly as a member of your team
  • Asks the right questions to you and to the supplier
  • Provides a clear report of issues discovered and solved
  • Has on the ground experience in China within your relevant sector
  • Gives you useful and timely updates of progress
  • Always works within your budget

You know you have the right partner looking after your interests on a day to day basis in China when your orders are delivered on time with no nasty surprises and in great condition.

If you want to know more about what a sourcing agent can do for you, and for a free, no-obligations quote, click here.

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