ETP Sourcing Limited was founded with a simple plan: to help all businesses, regardless of size, trade safely and efficiently with China.

British and Irish owned and operated, we have been doing just that since 2008. We provide a one-stop service for China trade solutions, including product sourcing, R&D, QC and export.

ETP is a registered Hong Kong trading company and wholly foreign owned China Mainland consultancy firm, giving you total transparency and security when trading with China.

Our head office is in Beijing we have bilingual staff and partners across China.

Our goal remains simple: to provide all our clients, both large and small, with a safe, value added, quality assured means of doing business in China and the Asia Pacific region.

ETP began with the two gents below.

David Jamieson White
Co-Founder / Head of China Operations

Dave WhiteWith over 17 years experience in the Asia Pacific region, David speaks fluent Mandarin and has been involved in Research and Development, Product Development and Manufacturing Operation Management for multinational corporations in Asia. He is keenly aware of the need for the highest quality, maximum output and the most cost effective ways of achieving these goals. His knowledge of international trade has developed through the years by consistently importing and exporting products not only in his professional life but also in his private life.

David is constantly developing connections throughout his network of contacts around the world expanding from his home country in Britain and his adopted country of China, throughout Europe and the Americas from Brazil to Canada.

“The need for clear, transparent and trustworthy relationships is a must for ensuring a strong and healthy business when dealing not only with China and the Asia Pacific but with anyone and in any region. We all have the same goals; to exceed our targets, increase productivity and improve our lives. It’s our privilege at ETP to help businesses and individuals make better connections with Asia and China and grow their businesses. We hope to build strong bonds to ensure a healthy and productive future. In these uncertain times it is more vital than ever that companies like ETP are here to partner with and support businesses, both small and large.”

Shane O’Neill
Co-Founder / Head of EU Operations

Shane O'NeillBorn and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Shane has been working in Design, IT and Product Development for over 20 years, advancing in multiple industry sectors including tourism, online recruitment and product design. Shane lived in China for close to a decade, being a prominent member of the Irish Community in Beijing from 2006-2015. During this time he supported multiple startups and non-profits, including the Irish Network China and their annual St. Patrick’s Day Charity Ball. Shane relocated back to Ireland to manage ETP’s European operations and business development. He has both the resources and insight to help navigate you through the sourcing and development process, negotiating the best price and quality on your behalf.

Along with extensive knowledge of the manufacturing and sourcing industry, Shane brings with him a driving force for Sino-European cooperation and a hands on approach to client relations.

“From the moment I first visited Beijing in 2006, it was clear to me that trade with China would rapidly prove to be an integral and essential part of maintaining growth in Ireland and the UK. It led me to soon after take up residence in Beijing and found, grow and develop ETP Sourcing Limited. As a designer by trade, I take great pleasure in working with talented clients and colleagues from around the world helping them to develop, source and trade in their fabulous products. It is with even greater pride that we here at ETP guide these goods from Asia to the markets of the West. Particularly in this time of global strife, we see the clear need for cost-effective, quality-assured services. China, the great manufacturer of the world, is the biggest and only choice when it comes to providing most types of large scale production and delivery. Now also one of the great consumers of the world, there are near endless possibilities for quality brands and products to find a foothold in China. Though not without its challenges, it is an exciting time that I consider myself lucky to be a part of.